The Beast under the Wizard's Bridge was published in Poland in 2001.


The image shows a boy running through a fence from a farm land on fire. In the distance are a structure, silos, and a tree, all on fire.  The head of spectral white horse emerges from the gate, the rest of its body dissolving into the smoke create from the fire.  A crescent moon hangs in the sky above the structures.

Night of Fear - Peg Kehret - 1996

Book cover of Night of Fear by Peg Kehret.

The artwork was seemingly created for the 1996 Aladdin Paperbacks edition of Peg Kehret's Night of Fear[1]. The contrast of the original is brighter and clearer.  Differences in the artwork include the position of the boy having been moved outside of the fence and the addition of a second horse, seemingly more substantial than the spectral horse.


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