Johnny, Fergie, and Professor Childermass visit this village in their search to learn about Evaristus Sloane, who was said to have lived in the area (The Eyes of the Killer Robot; 46-9).


Small town in New Hampshire with only "a bandstand on a little patch of grass, some restaurant, two gas stations, a church, a doctor's office...a few stores" and the General Stark Inn.


While there is no village named Stark Corners in New Hampshire, the closest in name is simply Stark, located in the northwest part of the state on the northern border of the White Mountain National Forest.  Incorporated in 1795 and renamed in 1832, Stark is probably best known for its famous covered bridge over the Upper Ammonoosuc River. It was built in 1857 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.  Many places named "Corners" are just intersections in the highway, as shown for Stark. Both villages are named for General John Stark[1].


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