Ragbash is a Turkish pirate and figure in the Grand Central Schism who, in November 1252, seizes the Dalmatian port town of Spug and threatened to impale the whole town unless he is made pope. He is shortly thereafter elected by acclamation.

In May 1253 he denounces Zosimus II, the new pope elected in Verona. He retires to a small island on the Adriatic where he re-elects himself over the years (Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies, 59).


Turkish pirates were common in the Adriatic though this one would be fictional.

Ragbush's repeated self-election reminds Bowen of something he was told about the Great Schism: "There were some Spanish prelates who refused to accept the decision of the Counsel of Constance and went on supporting the Avignon claimant and electing, until there were only two of them left, one of whom elected the other. John and I may have been in the same freshman history class, where I think I heard this story.[1]"


  1. Correspondence with Charles Bowen.

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