This is a list of countries that published books in the Bellairs Corpus.


Category: Published in Brazil

Two Brazilian publishers have released books in the Lewis Barnavelt series. In the mid-1990s, Ática released O fantasma no espelho; two variants of the cover exist, each showing a face-filled mirror flying toward Mrs. Zimmermann and Rose Rita. Editora Record published O Mistério do Relógio na Parede in 2001. Ana Maria Moura illustrated both the cover and provided interior artwork for it and the next four paperbacks in the series, concluding with A Vingança do Caça-Bruxas in 2007.


Category: Published in France

Books in the Lewis Barnavelt series were published by French publisher Editions du Rocher as the 10-book Kévin et les Magiciens series, beginning with La pendule d'Halloween. An anthology of the first three books was released in 2002.

In 2004 the publisher began publishing books in the Johnny Dixon series. Eight books were released in Les aventures de Johnny Dixon that differed in publication order from the original American editions.


Category: Published in Germany

Das Haus das Tickte was first published by Diogenes Verlag in 1977. Similar to the first Italian edition, this version of House features re-colored artwork on the cover by Edward Gorey (whose name almost reads as co-author).

In 1982, Der Schatz des Mister Winterborn was published by Franckh'sche Verlagshandlung.

Heyne published the first eight books in the Lewis Barnavelt series beginning in 2000. Daniela Schlingmann, Heyne fiction editor, says that none of Bellairs’s other titles have been published in Germany before; however, "the Bellairs series did not work as well as we had expected. I personally like his work a lot, but I believe the German readers got caught up in the Harry Potter hype. We are not intending to publish any other Bellairs’ series in the near future. There might be paperback editions of our hard covers, though.[1]"

In 2001 the publisher Abraxas released another version of Das Geheimnis der Zauberuhr and a double-sized volume containing both Der Magische Schatten and Das Rätsel des verwunschenen Rings.

One of the few foreign editions of The Face in the Frost, Das Gesicht im Eis, was published in 2009 by Edition Phantasia.


Category: Published in Italy


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Category: Published in Poland

Polish publisher Amber released titles in the Lewis Barnavelt and Johnny Dixon series in the early-2000s. The first eight titles in the Barnavelt series were released beginning in 2000 and met with confusion as cover artwork has nothing to do with the stories. The first three titles in the Dixon series were published starting in 2001 and sport the Paul Zelinsky covers.


Category: Published in Portugal

Only one books in the Bellairs Corpus has been published in Portugal.  A Maldição do Relógio was released in February 2006 by Editorial Presença.


Category: Published in Serbia

United Kingdom

Category: Published in the United Kingdom

Books in all three of Bellairs’ young-adult series have been released by publishers in the United Kingdom.

The first and third titles in the Lewis Barnavelt series were published by Hutchinson (House in 1978 and Letter in 1980). Hutchinson also published an edition of The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn (1982). Letter and Treasure used the same artwork seen on their American counterparts; House used a colorized version of Gorey’s frontispiece.

Corgi published the first three books in the Johnny Dixon series as paperbacks during the late 1980s. Cover art was created by illustrator Stephen Lavis.

In 2012, SF Gateway released the 12-book Johnny Dixon series in e-book format for the European market as well as The Face in the Frost.

United States

Category: Published in the United States


  1. Correspondence with Daniela Schlingmann (2002).