The Pendleton-Alexander House is a residence in Marshall, Michigan.


Increase Pendleton built this house in 1856 with contributions from his son, William H. Pendleton, and lived there less than 20 years.  A small rear addition was added in the years preceding 1868.  Dr. M. Gill resided here in 1863.  Morgan J. Alexander later bought the house in 1875 and remodeled it extensively:

he plastered the exterior walls and embellished the cornice with Victorian style brackets, which were the fashion in the mid 1870s. He also built bracketed entrance porches, even on the addition, and matching bay windows all heavily ornamented in Victorian style. The cupola was also bracketed and it was topped with an elaborate finial, now gone[1].
In 1923 Platt and Pauline Mumaw purchased and restored the home.  George and Debra Whelan purchased the house in 2009 and begun full-time restorations in 2013[2].

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