The Out Isles were a series of islands off the shores of the Northern Kingdom and British Isles, near the Arctic Circle ("The Dolphin Cross"; Magic Mirrors, 180-2; 192).


According to legend there was a long-standing treaty of assistance between the Out Isles and the Southern Kingdom when one of that kingdom’s rulers had come north to save the islands from a sea-dragon that terrorized the coast (Dolphin, 177).

The isles are led by the Lord of the Isles and supervised by the Warden of the Out Isles. Citizens are generally known for being brigands, pirates, or looters.


  • Coll
  • Inchcolmkill
  • Mull
  • Muck
  • Serpigo
  • Skegg
  • Skellig Padraic
  • Uist


The Out Isles appear analogous in design to the Outer Hebrides, the chain of islands off the west coast of Scotland.

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