The Order of Faithful Fidgettines (O.F.F.) was a religious order founded by Mother Latifundia after Saint Fidgeta appeared to her in a vision (Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies; 14).

Notable Fidgettines

Religious buildings

Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies

1. The True History of St. Fidgeta, Virgin and Martyr

2. Prolegomenon To Any Future Visit Of A Pope To America

3. The Cathedral of Saint Gorboduc

4. The Question Box

5. A Short Guide to Catholic Church History

6. A Fable of Goar

7. Easter Address to the Faculty by the President of a Catholic Women's College

8. The Story of Floradora

9. Letter from Vatican City

10. A Chaplet of Devotions, Causes, and Societies to Which the Catholic May Safely Adhere

11. Mother Ximenes’ Handbook for Grade School Nuns

12. The Moist Heart: A Compendium of Private or Public Worship