Ochs Sulzberger Hays-Dryfoos V is a columnist and alleged author of the article "Exterminating Negroes; or, Situation Bears Watching".


The satiric article, while written by Bellairs, is said to be composed by this individual whose name is a spoof of the former publishers of the New York Times:

  • Adolph S. Ochs (1858-1935; publisher 1896-1935)[1]
  • Arthur Hays Sulzberger (1891-1968, publisher 1935-61)[2]
  • Orvil E. Dryfoos (1912-63, publisher 1961-63)[3]
  • Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (1926-2012, publisher 1963-1992)[4]

Bowen says the columnist's name and Roman numeral are a satirical references to the Times dynasty, which has often been the subject of comment.  "I think part of what John was trying to satirize or ridicule was the Times's manner of treating every subject, even the obviously outrageous, as the subject of sober and moderate discussion."[5]


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