The National Museum of Magic located in New Zebedee houses a large collection of magical paraphernalia and illusions (The Specter from the Magician's Museum).

Retired newspaperman and amateur conjurer Robert Hardwick (who performed as Marcus the Great) moved from Detroit to New Zebedee with the plan to house and display his memorabilia. The museum is housed in the old, red brick building that once housed Eugster Brewery (15-6).

Lewis and Rose Rita visit the soon-to-be-opened museum to obtain assistance for their forthcoming talent show performance; inside they find "...mummy cases, steamer trunks with swords thrust into them, a huge galvanized steel milk canister with its lid padlocked shut, shelves full of top hats, canes, wands and handcuffs, and on every wall poster after poster advertising magicians and their shows...placards announcing the Great Rapiri, the Hindoo Fakir; Long Chi the Chinese Marvel; the Mystic Marquis and His Thousand Wonders; and many more (17)."


Strickland modeled the museum on Marshall's American Museum of Magic.