The Masonic Temple building in Marshall, Michigan, is the former home lodge of the Saint Alban's Masonic Lodge #20.


Lodge #20 was chartered in Marshall on January 11, 1855. Members originally met at 108 West Michigan Avenue. In 1871 they moved to the upper level of 111-113-115 East Michigan Avenue where they remained for four decades.  A new building was constructed on East Green Street in 1913 on property donated by local merchant F. A. Stuart; it was first used for Masonic meetings in May 1914.

Masonic Temple (Marshall) 02

Archival view of the Green Street temple.

This location was used until it was sold in 1987 and a new Masonic Hall was dedicated in March 11, 1989, at 1320 South Kalamazoo[1].

The former Green Street temple, across from the former high school and down the street from Bellairs’s boyhood home, has had multiple uses in recent decades, including apartments and commercial ventures.

Bellairs Corpus

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  1. A History of Marshall; Richard Carver (1993); pg.201; 500-1.

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