Sister Justinian is the president of the Catholic women's college in eastern Montana and who gives the Easter address to the faculty and staff (Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies, 71).


The nun shares her name with a number of prominent historical figures named Justinian, including saints and two Byzantine emperors, Justinian I (c.482-565, emperor 527-65) and Justinian II (669-711, emperor 685–95 and 705-11)[1].

Both emperors are remembered for their tyrannical reigns and one can only wonder what sort of rule the similarly-named nun had as president at this Montana-based women’s college.

One may also wonder how much of the personality and demeanor Bellairs captured of Sister M. Camille Bowe, OSF (Order of Servant Franciscans), the president of the College of Saint Teresa from 1952 to 1969, in the fictional speech.


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7. Easter Address to the Faculty by the President of a Catholic Women's College

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