Hoosac High School is located in Hoosac, Minnesota.


The high school main office is location on the ground floor. On the upper floors, up a “wide, slippery staircase”, are classrooms are on either side of long corridors. There is a chemistry lab (The Lamp from the Warlock's Tomb, 17); in the lab’s closet is a ladder bolted to the wall that leads to a trapdoor that accesses the school’s roof (Lamp, 59).

Throughout the building are waxed, tiled floors. Elsewhere on the property is a gymnasium where Anthony once tried out for the basketball team (Lamp, 21) and sometimes still plays a game or two with his classmates, such as Ted Hoopenbecker (Lamp, 66).

Outside the main entrance is a high columned porch.

The school is located two blocks away from Main Street and the nearby Hoosac police station (Lamp, 22).

Student Anthony Monday uses an oil lamp as part of a science fair experiment (Lamp, 13, 17).

Faculty and staff

  • Mr. Cardwell - science teacher
  • Stanislas Yurchak - night watchman


Hoosac High School, complete with columned front porch, was patterned after the city's second high school where Bellairs graduated in 1955. The building was renamed Marshall Middle School in the 1970s.