Hemmingsen Drug Store is a business in Marshall, Michigan.


Around 1844 the Mantiates Dispensary was located in the Gilbert Building at 230 West Michigan Avenue. This drug store was the beginning of the present-day Hemmingsen Drug Store. Around 1847 the drug store was replaced by Watrous Grocery and Saloon.[1].

Around 1938, Chet Hemmingsen moved his drug store to 134-132 West Michigan Avenue, making it the oldest business in consecutive years in Marshall[2].

Inside there once was a soda counter and lunch counter.  The fountain was removed in the 1960s to make way for cosmetics[3].

A Michigan Centennial Business Plaque notes the business was founded in 1855 and celebrates its more than 100 years of continuous operation.

Bellairs Corpus


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