The Franke Center For The Arts is a building in Marshall, Michigan.


The building was constructed in 1923 as the city's third Methodist Church.  It was a memorial to Charles E. Brooks, who for many year was a lay leader and area minister.  The building was completed and dedicated April 13, 1924.  It was designed not to be just a church but a recreational and social center building: its gymnasium on the upper floor was used by children of all denominations and, for a time, restrooms were open to the public.  Its architecture was not in the classical church tradition and, with religious symbols removed, could easily pass as a library, museum, or community center.  The congregation moved to a new Methodist Church north of town in 1970[1].

In the 1950s it was charter organization for Boy Scout Troop 112, which Bellairs was briefly a member of.

In 1971 it was renovated as a civic center and is today known as the Joyce and Lucy Franke Center for the Arts.

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  1. A History of Marshall; Richard Carver (1993); pgs. 233, 293.

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