Saint Dragomira was known as the warrior nun of Bosnia and patroness of edged weapons. Converted from paganism by the Fidgettine missionary Anfractua. Was clubbed to death by her pagan brother Bogeslaw. The Prayer Against Enemies is attributed to her. Member of the Order of Faithful Fidgettines (O.F.F.) (Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies; 16-8, 26).


The similarly named Dragomirna Monastery is located in Suceava, Romania[1], though Bowen wonders if Bellairs found the name appropriate because of the dragon- echo[2].

Myers says the illustration of Dragomira was heavily influenced by Sergei Eisenstein's movie, Alexander Nevsky[3]. "Prokofiev's cantata, from his score for the film, was a favorite of Bellairs and mine.[4]"

Marilyn Fitschen says she believes she saw a picture of a hand (or first) on a helmet somewhere [as inspiration] for Dragomira. "I may have been thinking of Don Quixote when I drew the figure on the horse. I do remember thinking of her troops as Valkyries (from Wagner's Ring Cycle). They were, of course, Norse.[5]


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1. The True History of St. Fidgeta, Virgin and Martyr

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