Camp Chocorua is a camping area in New Hampshire (The Mummy, the Will, and the Crypt, 28, 34).


One possible source of inspiration for the camp could be Chocorua Island, or Church Island, on Squam Lake.  The three-acre island is the site of America’s first resident boys’ summer camp, established in 1881 and in operation until 1889.  In 1903 a local group organized the Chocorua Chapel Association “for the purpose of religious services according to the form of the Protestant Episcopal Church.” The-then owner of the island made it available for worship services and donated it to the Association for that sole purpose in 1928[1].

A more probable inspiration would be Camp T. Ben Johnston, on Sherman Lake about 8 miles west of Battle Creek, where Bellairs and other boys of Troop 112 attended camp. The Sherman Lake site was bought by W. K. Kellogg and gifted to Battle Creek Boy Scouts and named in honor of T. Ben Johnson, the scout executive for the Battle Creek area. The camp existed for close to 60 years serving Scouting in the Battle Creek/Calhoun County area until about 1973, when the Boy Scouts organization merged several smaller area councils together and consolidated camping efforts at Camp Roto-Kiwan in Kalamazoo. Camp T. Ben Johnson reverted back to the Kellogg Foundation[2] and is today the site of the Sherman Lake YMCA.

"One summer, after we had been to [Camp Johnston] for a couple summers, John and I were hired to work in the camp kitchen. I was an assistant cook, and John was a dishwasher. The camp cook was Alonzo, a jovial African-American who took a liking to John and me. That was one of our first experiences working with a black man. Although Marshall has been a key stop on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War era, in our day, there was only one black family living in town. I also remember that there was a camp counselor that we all liked very much whose name was Herky - or at least that is what we called him.[3]"

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