Carver Park is a small city park at the southwest corner of Exchange Street and Michigan Avenue in Marshall, Michigan. The park borders the historic Marshall House to the south and the Grand Army of the Republic museum is across Exchange to the east.


The history of Marshall's East End Park goes back to the founding of the town and when it was two separate hamlets, called the Lower Village and the Upper Village: the “lower” was the site of the first courthouse and is currently the site of the Brooks Fountain, while the "upper" was built around this park and the city's earliest settlements and businesses.

In 1976 the Jaycees restored and renamed the park for Isaac Glenn Carver (1892-1967), Boy Scout leader, youth sports league coach, and calligrapher: “if you graduated from Marshall High School between 1925 and 1975 the Old English printing on the diploma was inscribed by Glenn Carver”[1]. He was the father of noted Marshall author and historian, Richard Carver.

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