The Bookmen was a University of Notre Dame student literary organization.


Membership was open to all students, with new members selected once in the fall and once in the spring.  The club met Thursday nights, with Ernest Sandeen serving as faculty advisor[1].

Similar to the Wranglers, the club appears to have disbanded during the 1960s.

Bellairs on Campus

John Bellairs was a member during his junior (1957-58) and senior (1958-59) school years.

The group met monthly to discuss a paper presented by one of the members, of which there were about a dozen members ("maybe as many as fifteen") selected from those who applied at the end of each year.  "The general idea was that the paper presented should not be a paper that had been written for any class.  While I wrote about Dr. Zhivago, I fear that I don't remember what subjects John chose.[2]"

Robert Sedlack remembers professor Joseph Ryan delivering a paper on author D. H. Lawrence.  "I have a vague recollection of presenting a paper myself, but have no idea what that might have been. I suppose we had officers, but no recording secretary or minutes that I remember. That year Professor Alvan Ryan, who later became English Department Chair, was the moderator of the Bookmen.[3]"  Fellow members included Bruce Babbitt, the former governor of Arizona and Secretary of the Interior.


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