Anthony Monday is a resident of Hoosac, Minnesota.

Anthony lives with his father, Howard, who owns Monday’s Cigar Store, which is in fact a saloon; his mother, Ginny, a housewife who worries endlessly about the family's income; and his older brother Keith, who is a hot shot with cars and works as a mechanic.



As Anthony was introduced in a fairly autobiographical story, it would be only fair to give him an autobiographical name. That said, we present a list of theories, some more likely than not: 

  • The most likely theory involves Bellairs again turning to his collection of obscure literary references and recalling the name of the Elizabethan author, poet and dramatist Anthony Munday (1553-1633). Bellairs would have most likely been introduced to Munday in graduate literature courses. Munday spent his early years as an actor before turning his trade to writing; works attributed to Munday include "The Mirror of Mutability" (1579), two plays on the legend of Robin Hood, "The Downfall" and "The Death of Robert, Earl of Huntington" (both 1601), and "Mother Redcap" (1597) - which might be an inside joke of Bellairs's, considering Anthony Monday is noted as being quite fond of wearing red caps. 
  • Bellairs’s middle name is Anthony and he was born on a Monday. 
  • John had a cousin named Keith Anthony. 
  • The least likely theory we’ve found comes from the old Marshall-based Monday Club, which began as the Ladies’ Literary Club back in 1885. The club was “philanthropic” in nature and sought to improve the “general culture” of the community. They met in various homes and buildings around town including the Public Library building from around 1950 to 1961[1]. There is seemingly no connection but it is tempting to laugh at the notion of yet another Monday being located in a library. 


  1. A History of Marshall; Richard Carver (1993); pg.514-15.
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