A May Hymn is a song included within The Moist Heart, a liturgical book used for the celebration of Mass (Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies, 118).


The Marian hymn, whose verses are to the tune of "My Darling Clementine", celebrates her as "fresh and pure and kind" but also that, because she is mother and grandmother, "logical manipulation can make her our mother-in-law." A second verse indicates that during the May devotion "plaster statues, sweetly smiling" will be decked with "fragrant weeds" - such as crab grass or bindweed - and the sheer amount of flowers will startle any unbeliever.

The song's chorus (to the tune of another, nameless song), cites the name Gloriana.

While the lyrics are Bellairs's creation, it would seem the words to the hymn "Hail Virgin, dearest Mary" could be sung to the same tune:

Hail Virgin, dearest Mary!
Our lovely Queen of May!
O spotless, blessed Lady,
Our lovely Queen of May.

12. The Moist Heart: A Compendium of Private or Public Worship

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